What Are the Benefits of Ankle Ligament Repair Surgery?

If someone has ankle instability or a serious sprain, they will most likely have to undergo ligament repair surgery, which can be performed arthroscopically in the majority of cases. The symptoms of a sprain are bruising, pain, and swelling, even if the person may still be able to put some weight on their foot, a feeling that their ankle is "catching" or "locking", and a lack of stability in the ankle, which causes it to give way frequently.

The benefits of undergoing arthroscopic surgery for ankle ligament repair include the following:

  • restoring full stability and functionality to the ankle
  • a faster recovery since it is a minimally invasive procedure
  • being able to return to playing sports within a much shorter time in the case of athletes
  • significantly lower risk of postoperative complications
  • reduced rehabilitation time

Not all people with ankle instability or a sprain will be good candidates for arthroscopic surgery, as complex cases may require traditional, open surgery. While this surgical approach entails a longer recovery time, if it is performed by a very experienced, reputable orthopedic surgeon, it will be successful and restore the patient's ankle stability.