Who Is a Good Candidate for Elbow Cartilage Repair?

Because the elbow is a small and complex body part, surgery can be challenging even for the most experienced orthopedic surgeon. However, in some cases, it is necessary. When rest, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy fail to alleviate the pain, the person will likely have to undergo cartilage repair surgery.

The best candidates for arthroscopic elbow cartilage repair are patients who have mild to moderate primary osteoarthritis with stiffness and minor pain. It is very important to mention that people who experience pain throughout their full range of motion in their elbow or have severe primary osteoarthritis are not good candidates.

These are the benefits and disadvantages of elbow cartilage repair:

  • pro: the majority of patients experience 80% to 95% pain relief and increased range of motion after the procedure, especially if it was carried out arthroscopically
  • con: bony growths may recur, and the range of motion can decrease over time, even though many people continue to experience considerable pain relief