What Is Involved in Recovery After a Jones Fracture Surgery?

The majority of patients need 3 to 4 months to recover from a Jones fracture surgery. If complications such as nonunion or refracture occur, the recovery time will be even longer. If the patient had a bone graft placed in their foot to repair a Jones fracture, they will also need more time to heal after this procedure, even if it was performed arthroscopically. Some useful tips for recovery are:

  • elevating the foot while seated
  • applying ice to the surgical site for 20 minutes a day to alleviate pain
  • keeping weight off the operated foot for the time recommended by the surgeon
  • quitting smoking at least temporarily to experience a faster recovery
  • taking anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen to manage pain

If the patient develops a fever or experiences unbearable pain, increased swelling, numbness or tingling, or skin turning purple, they should immediately contact their orthopedic surgeon or physician. Patients who underwent surgery for a Jones fracture must be willing to wait for their foot to fully heal before making any physical effort that may interfere with the healing process. A Jones fracture takes so much time to heal because the blood supply to that area of the bone is reduced, and less blood flow will increase the recovery period.